How it all started…

Two years ago on a sunny day in September I decided to go on an adventure… Now to some people that could mean jetting off to the other side of the world but I’d already done that and after living on a little Caribbean Island for many years I decided that upon returning to the UK my new adventures were to be closer to home. Anyone that knows me is fully aware that my sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired but armed with a borrowed satnav, my newly acquired National Trust membership card and my trusty little Peugeot (henceforth referred to as Betsey) I embarked on my first solo exploration of this beautiful country we call England.

We are now two years and many enjoyable trips and photographs later with additions being added to my visit wish list on a regular basis. Some places I visit I have discovered through word of mouth, the National Trust or by looking for places near to where I have chosen to visit and many of these I had never heard of before visiting so hopefully by sharing pictures and information others can also enjoy some of the lesser known gems.

Sculptures are my absolute favourites but I love “snooping” around the gorgeous houses and learning their history plus exploring the gardens and taking hundreds of pictures of flowers. I adore peonies and have recently developed a fondness for dahlias so I make sure I keep a look out for special sculpture exhibitions and flower festivals.

I am by no means an accomplished photographer but I enjoy capturing images that allow me to revisit places months after experiencing them and out of the many pictures I take I always have a few favourites for each place so I thought I’d start a blog to share these and hopefully provide a little insight into the places I visit and to maybe encourage other people to explore these beautiful historic houses, castles, gardens and palaces in our wonderful country, plus there’s usually the added benefit of a cuppa and a delicious slice of cake! I hope you enjoy the pictures (and the cakes!)…


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