The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

Location:  Ockley – Surrey – RH5 5QR

I have visited The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden twice now and will continue to do so on a regular basis. The sculptures change annually and I believe additions are made throughout the season. On arrival you are provided a very easy to follow map to guide you around the property this also lists information about the pieces and prices in case you want to buy! It is indeed a treasure map. There are many beautiful sculptures set in peaceful, perfect surroundings and stumbling across each one is a delight, the works are carefully situated so that they are complimented by the natural landscape.

There are a huge variety of pieces to meet every taste, a fascinating combination of treats made from metals, wire, glass, ceramics and plastics as well as the more traditional stone, wood and bronze. My favourites are the stunning glass sculptures that are especially glorious in the sunshine.

I cannot recommend a visit to this place highly enough, especially beautiful in springtime with the backdrop of bluebells and spring flowers.

BG Tips ~ There is no café on site but there is a lovely picnic spot for visitors.


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