The Sculpture Park

Location: Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2LH

The Sculpture Park is an all year sculpture exhibition showcasing around 600 sculptures. You are given a map to guide you through around 2 miles of winding pathways on a discovery trail of amazing, original and sometimes weird and wonderful pieces. It is a delight for both young and old alike and proved to be a real adventure.

Being open all year the park is maybe not as “polished” as some of the other temporary exhibitions around but that if anything adds to it’s charm. The variety of sights often made me gasp or alternatively laugh out loud (in particular the crazy skeleton sculptures!) and my camera almost overheated with the non-stop picture taking.

You do need to dedicate a good few hours to your visit in order to see everything this magical place has to offer and good weather is a bonus especially when navigating the pathways. The park was quite busy when I visited but due to the size (almost 10 acres) it never felt crowded and you felt like you were in your own magical mystery tour…

The imagination runs wild with animal sculptures, figures, mythical beings, abstract designs and many more, made from steel, glass, stone, bronze and pretty much anything you can think of! All of the sculptures are for sale so the exhibition changes regularly as pieces are sold and new beauties replace them so well worth multiple visits!

Here are just a few (honestly I took loads…!) of my pictures….


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