Godinton House & Gardens

Location: Ashford, Kent, TN23 3BP

Visited: April & July 2017

I was not familiar with Godinton until it was featured on the local news highlighting the unveiling of “Tempesta” a most beautiful face sculptured from a huge bock of marble salvaged from an abandoned quarry in Tuscany, I fell in love and decided to visit her.

Godinton House 2017(3)

On arriving at Godinton after a longer drive than I had anticipated I knew I was in for a treat when I spotted the Marmite jars full of flowers at the reception.

I booked in for the house tour which takes about an hour but was worth the time and is the only way to see inside the house. On both visits the guides were very informative and full of tips about the house,  you could tell they were really interested in the property and its 600 year history. Sadly no pics allowed inside so you will have to visit to see for yourself but Godinton is a very impressive whilst still homely and personal house. Each room is a contrast and still has many original pieces and collectables especially porcelains. The great hall and Jacobean staircase with beautiful wood carvings and panels, the Chinese room and then the more personal bedrooms are all worth seeing.

The outside of the house is just as lovely and is surrounded by the rose garden, Italian Garden, Walled Garden, Wild Garden, Lily Pond and beautiful borders.

In July I visited for a second time for Sculpture in the Gardens and was impressed by the display. and again by the gardens.

Don’t miss lovely homemade cakes and tea in the old Billiard Room.

Here are a few more photos of the gardens and sculptures, I will be looking forward to my next visit to Godinton and Tempesta…


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