Things you find on the beach…

Location: Worthing Beach, West Sussex

It’s amazing the things you discover whilst wandering the beach…


Bryony’s Beach….

Well to be fair it’s not actually my beach but I’m lucky enough to live a stones throw from it and have enjoyed many walks on its shores. Some peaceful strolls with some more active workouts thrown in for good measure there’s always something different to see and photograph.

The pier is one of my favourite spots with its beautifully restored art deco café plus the “Art on the Pier” displays which have provided many photo opportunities. The view changes as you walk along from the busier areas around Splashpoint and the pier to the more tranquil “Waterwise Garden” especially created to withstand the harsher beach elements, then on past the sailing club and fishermen selling their catch of the day then further on past some of the more luxurious houses and gardens of those lucky enough to live by the sea. All this changes dependent on the weather and seasons and I never tire of my beach adventures. Here are some favourite photos…

The beach through the seasons…






Art on the Pier…

Location: Worthing, West Sussex

The fabulous pier at Worthing is home to the Art of the Pier displays which are showcased down the panels that run the length of the pier. With the surrounding backdrop of sea and sunlight and often featuring art from local school and the community these frequently changing pieces are a delight for one and all.

The Pier…

Some glass beauties…

Some art that caught my eye…

The Cass Sculpture Foundation

Location: Goodwood, West Sussex, PO18 0QP

Visited: August 2017

I had not heard of The Cass Sculpture Foundation in glorious Goodwood even though it is located fairly near to where I live but on the recommendation of a friend I planned a visit. The fabulous foundation was founded in 1992 by Wilfred and Jeannette Cass to support, inspire and enable artists to create works that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to achieve.

As with other sculpture parks I was given a warm welcome and provided with a list to guide me around the beautiful and tranquil 26-acre site and its 50+ contemporary sculptures plus indoor gallery spaces. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday and I was lucky enough to visit the park on a fairly quiet day although this proved to be somewhat eerie on my encounters with some of the pieces – the abandoned car with he spooky tale inscribed on the stone telling the story of a man who having fallen asleep whilst stranded in the park awakens to discover a great deal of time has passed, this was followed by my turning to be faced with slightly sinister figures emerging from the woods!

Some of the pieces were a bit “Marmite” you’ll either love or hate them but the variety was interesting and very different to anything I had seen before. My favourites as usual were the glass pieces which looked glorious in the sunshine and were expertly showcased in the perfect surrounding as were all of the pieces. The displays change as works are sold and new works are added and I was told that the foundation only recently opened to the public and was once only for private sales but they are working towards achieving museum status.

As I was leaving they were setting up lighting in preparation for a musical theatre show that was taking place that night where the audience follow the orchestra and actors around the grounds whilst stories are told, it sounded magical and it most definitely on my list of things to do.

Here are a few of my many pics!

Godinton House & Gardens

Location: Ashford, Kent, TN23 3BP

Visited: April & July 2017

I was not familiar with Godinton until it was featured on the local news highlighting the unveiling of “Tempesta” a most beautiful face sculptured from a huge bock of marble salvaged from an abandoned quarry in Tuscany, I fell in love and decided to visit her.

Godinton House 2017(3)

On arriving at Godinton after a longer drive than I had anticipated I knew I was in for a treat when I spotted the Marmite jars full of flowers at the reception.

I booked in for the house tour which takes about an hour but was worth the time and is the only way to see inside the house. On both visits the guides were very informative and full of tips about the house,  you could tell they were really interested in the property and its 600 year history. Sadly no pics allowed inside so you will have to visit to see for yourself but Godinton is a very impressive whilst still homely and personal house. Each room is a contrast and still has many original pieces and collectables especially porcelains. The great hall and Jacobean staircase with beautiful wood carvings and panels, the Chinese room and then the more personal bedrooms are all worth seeing.

The outside of the house is just as lovely and is surrounded by the rose garden, Italian Garden, Walled Garden, Wild Garden, Lily Pond and beautiful borders.

In July I visited for a second time for Sculpture in the Gardens and was impressed by the display. and again by the gardens.

Don’t miss lovely homemade cakes and tea in the old Billiard Room.

Here are a few more photos of the gardens and sculptures, I will be looking forward to my next visit to Godinton and Tempesta…

Beautiful Borde Hill Gardens…

Location: Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1XP

Borde Hill Gardens are wonderful enough to have lured me back for three visits, twice to explore the sculpture exhibitions and once to see the lovely magnolias. The gardens surround a stunning Elizabethan Manor with glorious views over the Sussex Weald and the Ouse Valley, you can also spot the Ouse Valley Viaduct.

The gardens form a pattern of outdoor rooms including the Garden of Allah, the  Azelea Ring,  the more traditional Rose Garden and my favourite Italian Garden which would be one of my perfect places to sit on a sunny day and read a book.

The sculptures are carefully placed in surroundings that compliment them perfectly and over the past two years that I have seen the sculpture exhibition apart from the handful of “live in” sculptures which remain on the property the pieces were very different, hopefully this will continue so I can experience the joy for many years to come.

The gardens are colourful and beautiful with an impressive variety of plants and flowers, the original garden was created in the early 1900s with plants gathered by the great plant collectors from their travels to the Himalayas, China, Burma, Tasmania and the Andes.

BG Tips ~ Worth visiting during events like the sculpture exhibition (usually May-Oct), magnolia or rose seasons, classic car meets or even the musical Sundays in the Summers months.

A few more favourite pics….


The Sculpture Park

Location: Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2LH

The Sculpture Park is an all year sculpture exhibition showcasing around 600 sculptures. You are given a map to guide you through around 2 miles of winding pathways on a discovery trail of amazing, original and sometimes weird and wonderful pieces. It is a delight for both young and old alike and proved to be a real adventure.

Being open all year the park is maybe not as “polished” as some of the other temporary exhibitions around but that if anything adds to it’s charm. The variety of sights often made me gasp or alternatively laugh out loud (in particular the crazy skeleton sculptures!) and my camera almost overheated with the non-stop picture taking.

You do need to dedicate a good few hours to your visit in order to see everything this magical place has to offer and good weather is a bonus especially when navigating the pathways. The park was quite busy when I visited but due to the size (almost 10 acres) it never felt crowded and you felt like you were in your own magical mystery tour…

The imagination runs wild with animal sculptures, figures, mythical beings, abstract designs and many more, made from steel, glass, stone, bronze and pretty much anything you can think of! All of the sculptures are for sale so the exhibition changes regularly as pieces are sold and new beauties replace them so well worth multiple visits!

Here are just a few (honestly I took loads…!) of my pictures….